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Upholstery Cleaning

Charlotte upholstery cleaning services - Citrus GuysYour upholstery is a big investment to your living space, so it makes sense to keep it maintained and looking its best for as long as you can. Adding upholstery cleaning to your carpet maintenance can make a big difference.

Fabrics can soften any room, giving it a comfortable and inviting feel. Unfortunately, fabrics also absorb odors in the room, which can be an added challenge if you have pets, family members who smoke, etc.

As you’ve probably noticed, simply spraying air fresheners isn’t enough. This is because doing that simply masks the odors, covering them up for as long as the scent in the spray happens to last. To really keep a room fresh you have to address the problem at the source by removing contaminates from fabrics, floors, and carpet.

For all types of fabric, our citrus solution is gentle on materials and tough on stains. Because it’s all natural and contains no toxic chemicals, it won’t bleach or discolor your upholstery. Best yet, because our process doesn’t soak the material like traditional cleaning services, the dry times are significantly reduced.

It’s one thing to have to stay off the carpet for awhile, but not having access to your furniture can be a real pain. Luckily with CitruSolution dry times are a matter of hours and not days.

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