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Upholstery Cleaning Is More Than Simply Blotting Spills

If you’re like most of us, you carefully budgeted for those important upholstered pieces of statement furniture in your home. You researched styles, sizes and varieties of wood frames. And, you probably even took paint chips or other color samples with you to select the right shades and types of fabric. But, now that you and your family have lived with these pieces for a while, they’ve lost their fresh, new appearance and need a professional upholstery cleaning.

Be very careful in your selection of a service. Whether your chairs and sofa have wine or food stains from festive parties, body odor or other deposits from family pets, or simply show the wear and tear of daily use, you need a service that understands how to approach any challenge. You need a service that understands the characteristics of all fabrics and how to preserve their integrity. You need a service that respects your family’s need for cleanliness while maximizing everyone’s convenience and overall air quality. You need to call CitruSolutions for your upholstery cleaning.

A Brief History of Upholstery


Upholstery is a term that evolved from the word “upholder,” in olden times. In the 1700s in Europe, upholders were more like interior decorators and arranged all aspects of a room’s décor, including building and covering different types of furniture. Before then, their primary occupation was selling the fabric and fittings used for funerals. But upholstery, as a profession, developed through the years to describe the craft of padding and covering family furniture such as chairs and sofas.

Through the Middle Ages, family homes gradually became more inviting and furnishings became softer and more comfortable. Seating was stuffed with materials from sawdust to feathers to horsehair and covered with a dome of fabric held in place by nails. By the end of the 1800s, however, upholsterers had developed techniques using careful stitching to create rolled edges for stability and tufting or buttoning to better secure more elaborate shapes. It wasn’t long before top-stitching, cording and other decorative features added the same elegance and opulence to furniture that was reflected in the fashion of the day. Padding became quite complex, edges became more elaborate and fabrics were imported and artfully arranged into intricate shapes. Upholstery, then, meant high-fashion, prestige and the appearance of great expense.

Modern, Healthy Approach

To Upholstery Cleaning

With all that history, and your own initial investment, consider our CitruSolution approach to removing specific spots and overall grime and odor. Our citrus-based solution is, as we like to say, gentle on fabric but tough on dirt. It’s all natural, absent of any toxic chemicals that could discolor your upholstered pieces. And, because our process does not need to soak your furniture with soap-based detergent and re-soak it to rinse the soap out, drying times are greatly shortened. Your family can resume enjoying your room in hours instead of days!

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