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Professional Carpet Cleaning: You Owe It To Your Faithful Floor

Face it; you take your floor for granted.

You wake up every morning trusting that your floor will be there for you and your family, holding them up, carrying them from room to room, insulating them from the outdoor elements. You depend on that faithful floor. But, have you ever thought about it like this: What do you do to make sure that it is strong and healthy and able to do its job? And, how in the world does carpet cleaning fit into the picture?

As you go through your days and weeks of daily living in your home, your carpet will naturally collect dust, pollen and dirt, and regular vacuuming can keep this ongoing situation more-or-less under control. But, what about soaked-in stains? What about ground-in grime? What about absorbed odors? Is there an answer that doesn’t include using harsh chemicals that could seriously affect your children and pets and damage expensive carpet or vulnerable rug fibers?

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning has just such an answer for you! Our citrus-based solution made of oranges, lemons and grapefruit cleans better, dries faster and your carpet stays clean longer than any chemical-based solutions on the market today. And, it leaves a wonderful, fresh scent for you to enjoy.

 Benefits of Using CitruSolution

Cleans better

  • The inherent strength of CitruSolution cleans more efficiently and more naturally than any soap, shampoo or dry-cleaning process
  • Our solution fights yellowing and oxidation that dulls the color and ages your floor covering
  • Our two-step method minimizes allergens hiding in the fibers, so your family members can breathe easier and feel healthier

Dries faster

  • Because our process uses less moisture, without soaking your carpet or rug with a water-based solution, it will dry in hours instead of days
  • Our low-moisture procedure means there is no need for an extraction process, making a much less aggressive approach for your carpet or rug

Stays clean longer

  • Old stains or spots will not slowly reemerge after being treated with our all-natural solution
  • CitruSolution also disinfects and deodorizes to leave your floor covering healthier for family members to enjoy
  • With no gummy, soapy residue left behind, our process will ensure that your carpet won’t attract new dirt like a magnet

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

We are a local company without the costs of multiple locations and national advertising; we can offer competitive rates that won’t break your budget. We don’t charge extra for treating stains or high-traffic areas and we won’t use gimmicks or trick phrasing to charge extra for your carpet cleaning. No hidden fees – we promise!

You will receive personalized service, because we’re dedicated to meeting the needs of our friends and neighbors who live in our area. And, because of our dedication to superior service, you can rely on our Better Business Bureau “A” rating and our “Super Service” standing with Angie’s List.

So, call us for a free quote at 704-677-5903.

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Charlotte, NC

Matthews, NC

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Waxhaw, NC

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Fort Mill, SC

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