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We Give You Gentle, But Thorough, Upholstery Cleaning

You carefully choose the perfect sofa for your living room. You thoughtfully select just the right over-stuffed chairs to complement the d├ęcor. You consider fabrics and colors and styles to be sure your rooms are comfortable for your family while reflecting your taste to friends and guests. Then what happens? You and your family use the furniture! And, it gets dingy, maybe even stained. The pets sleep on it and it has a not-so-fresh smell. So, you need professional upholstery cleaning.

What you need is an upholstery cleaning process that is safe for kids and pets, that does a good job for the money and that is gentle to your fabrics. What you need is CitruSolutions from Citrus Guys.

One thing you will notice immediately is the clean, fresh smell of our citrus-based cleaning formulas, which also work as a disinfectant. Made entirely of grapefruit, oranges and lemons, the scent released into your home is pleasant while the natural citrus action cuts through dirt and stains without bleaching. It even works well on red clay and grease and helps minimize yellowing and oxidation. Because our solutions are all natural, containing no toxic chemicals or harsh soaps, they are gentle to fabrics and safe to use around children and pets.

Another thing you will notice is that our CitruSolutions process does not require that a soap or chemical solution be rinsed out. This means that no residue is left on the upholstery fabric to act as a magnet for new dirt and stains. It also means that the furniture is not saturated with water from a rinsing process, so it will dry more quickly and be ready to use in just a couple of hours instead of a couple of days.

Other Services

Of course, upholstery cleaning may not be the only way we can serve you. We offer superior carpet cleaning services as well as cleaning for oriental rugs and area rugs.

We start by pre-spraying the carpet or rug area with our citrus-based solution to begin breaking down any stubborn grime or stains. Then, we go over the sprayed area with our rotary brush scrubber to dislodge dirt and allergens. Finally, we use a commercial HEPA vacuum to remove any all soil, loose fibers or hair. In a period of two-to-three hours, your floor covering is completely dry. It will, once again, be bright-colored and fresh-smelling and ready to host family and friends.

We recommend an annual cleaning for carpets and rugs that are in often-used rooms. Schedule upholstery cleaning at the same time and your home will look and smell totally fresh. Of course, we are always available for cleaning service before or after parties or family gatherings and for emergency treatment of unexpected spills and stains.

Contact us soon for a complimentary quote. We are a locally-owned company and are dedicated to giving our friends and neighbors the personal service that they expect.

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