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Does Your Furniture Need an Upholstery Cleaning?

Think about what you spend most of your time doing when you are at home. Most likely, either at a table, in your bed, or sitting on a couch or comfortable chair. And aside from your bed, where you may reside for a third of your day or so, most often you are probably on that couch or chair. These pieces of furniture are typically in rooms where people hang out to watch TV, read, play games, or just talk. Though now they may have become rooms where people sit and look at their phones or tablets, they are still central areas that are generally the most popular in the house. Because this furniture gets a lot of use, it comes as little surprise that it gets dirty fairly quickly. This could happen for a number of reasons, including:


Even if you try to eat meals at the kitchen or dining room table, inevitably there will be times when you or someone else will decide to eat while watching TV. Plus, can you really enjoy a good movie or game without some munchies? And where people are eating, there of course will be crumbs and spills; it is just unavoidable. This is why, if you take a good look at your couches, you will most likely realize you could use an upholstery cleaning.


Do you have children? As you know, even the cleanest kids just are not that clean. They are always getting into stuff and tracking dirt into the house that gets on everything, including your furniture. Plus, if you have kids that love to work on art projects, you surely have experienced your share of paint splatters, glue drips, and leaky markers on your furniture. If you have kids, you know how likely it is that you will need a regular upholstery cleaning.


We all love our pets, but we also know how dirty they can be. This is especially true of dogs. Even if you do whatever you can to keep your dog off the furniture, constant vigilance is just not possible. Eventually they will find a way to get up on that couch, probably right after they were outside in the rain. A thorough upholstery cleaning is crucial if you have a house full of fuzzy little friends and you want to keep your furniture looking good.

If you suddenly realize that your once beautiful furniture is looking a little dull or drab, it is time to consider an upholstery cleaning. A good cleaning will restore the life to your chairs and couches, and the Citrus Guys can make it happen. We are the upholstery cleaning experts because we only use a special citrus solution that is gentle on fabrics but tough on stains. It is all natural so it will not discolor or bleach your furniture. Plus, because the process we use does not soak the material, your furniture will be dry in just a few hours.

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