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A Natural Approach to Carpet Cleaning

CitruSolution Offers a Natural Approach To Carpet Cleaning

Kids, pets and carpets – what can you do? You don’t want to use strong chemicals around children and animals and you don’t want to risk damaging your carpets and rugs trying to get spots out. Is your family resigned to living with odors and stains at your feet? At CitruSolution, we’ve got you covered! Our all-natural, citrus-based carpet cleaning process is just what you’ve been searching for.

Good For Kids

Your babies crawl on the floor. Your young children sprawl on the floor to play games. They lie down on the floor to watch TV. They even sit on the floor to eat! We know that you don’t want to clean those floors with harsh solutions that become imbedded in fibers that your kids touch every day or strong chemicals that release fumes for your kids to breathe every day. Our citrus carpet cleaning process is different.

CitruSolution’s carpet cleaning solution is completely natural and chemical-free. Made with lemons, oranges and grapefruit, it has the advantage of being totally safe for people, while offering excellent cleaning capabilities for overall dust, dirt and allergens as well as specific stains and spots.

Good For Pets

We know that our beloved animals – whether dogs, cats, rabbits or something else – are like members of the family. And, like family members, they have their own personalities and preferences, some of which will result in the need for carpet cleaning. Even if Fido has a soft bed, he will have picked a place on the floor where he likes to lick himself and doze. Although Puff’s food dish is in the kitchen, she will continually carry bites into other rooms so she can linger over her dinner. If Fuzzy is welcome to play outside his cage for fun and exercise, invariably he will have an “accident” somewhere.

Our citrus carpet cleaning process means that you can continue to love your pets like family members without worry. We have your back with reasonably-priced, safe-to-breathe, overall cleaning and spot removal services that take the worry out of having pets in the house.

Good For Your Life

Because our revolutionary approach is citrus-based, it doesn’t require a large amount of rug-soaking water to rinse the soap out like other carpet cleaning methods. This means your carpet will dry faster and your family can begin using the rooms sooner. It also means that no soap residue will be left behind to attract dirt again, resulting in the need to schedule repeat carpet cleaning services more often.

We Can Help

We are committed to making life easier for you, our friends and neighbors in the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg metro area. The CitruSolution method dries faster, stays clean longer, and is safer to live with, than any other carpet cleaning method.

Contact us for a free estimate. Let us show you the advantages of citrus-based carpet cleaning! You will be amazed.

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