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Our Charlotte Carpet Cleaning Process | Citrus Guys Charlotte, NC

Our Charlotte Carpet Cleaning Process

Citrus Carpet Cleaning Charlotte Process Before and AfterCitruSolution is a natural citrus cleaning mixture comprised of extracted agents from lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. The citrus carpet cleaning process cuts through grease and dirt with ease, keeping your carpet fibers bright and new-looking for as long as possible.

Sure, soap cleans, but it also leaves behind a sticky residue that actually attracts more subsequent stains. It’s also why old-fashioned steam cleaners get your carpets so wet, as they have to rinse that soap out of the carpet and padding.

Because our citrus-based solution uses no harsh chemicals, it won’t discolor the carpet or leave behind any sticky residues. It doesn’t require saturating the carpet in water, either, which makes for a superior carpet cleaning process.

We begin by doing a pre-spray, allowing the citrus solution to break up stains and soil in the carpet. Then, using a rotary brush wisk system, we thoroughly but gently lift the dirt out from the fibers. This gets your carpet clean like no other, significantly reducing allergens and other micro particles.

After the carpet has been treated, we finish with an industrial HEPA vacuum to remove all the dirt, hair, and dead carpet fiber.

CitruSolution dries much faster than chemical alternatives, generally leaving your carpet usable again in 1–3 hours rather than a day or more.

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