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CitruSolution Is Your Best Option For Carpet Cleaning

You hear “all natural” and “chemical-free” and “green” terminology everywhere you go these days. From construction guidelines to growing food products to various manufacturing processes, we’re all interested in living our lives in more healthy, environmentally friendly ways. This attitude extends to carpet cleaning, as well. At Citrus Guys, we are as concerned about your home environment as you are.

Our cleaning products are manufactured completely from grapefruit, oranges and lemons, with no chemical additives that could harm your carpet fibers or pollute the air in your home.

Natural citrus solutions cut through dirt and grime easily, leaving all your carpets and rugs fresh-smelling and bright-colored again.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

The first step in our professional carpet cleaning process is to do an overall pre-spray. This initial treatment allows the citrus to begin breaking down stains and ground-in grime in the carpet.

Next, we go over the area with a cleaning machine that uses a rotary brush whisk system to lift dirt that may be clinging to the carpet fibers. In addition to superior carpet cleaning, this helps eliminate allergens that could irritate sensitive family members.

We finish the process by using an industrial HEPA vacuum over the entire space to remove any remaining loose hair, dirt or debris. Because we don’t use soap, which requires a lot of water to rinse it all out, your carpet isn’t saturated and will dry completely in two or three hours rather than two days!

We guarantee that our quote will be fair and accurate with no hidden fees or up-charges. We never charge extra to give special attention to deep stains or high-traffic areas, for example. With Citrus Guys, you won’t have to worry about gimmicky “deals” or tricky fine print.

Why Use Citrus-based Products?

We think it just couldn’t be good to put harsh, hard-to-pronounce chemicals on the carpet your family members lounge on. As your children sit or lie on the floor to watch television or play games or just playfully wrestle, they come in contact with whatever chemicals have been used to clean it. They will then rub their eyes or wipe their noses or even put fingers in their mouths, introducing those chemicals into their little bodies. Natural is so much better.

In addition to that obvious benefit, our citrus-based process eliminates two problems with soap-based processes. Soap is sticky and is difficult to rinse off completely. This means that either some spots of soap will remain in the carpet or lots and lots of water will be required to rinse it out. If soap is left behind, it will attract dirt and require cleaning sooner. If the soap is rinsed out completely, your carpet will be left saturated and will need days to dry out, which inconveniences your family and increases the chances of mildew.

Our Commitment

We are a locally-owned company, based in the Charlotte-Pineville-Fort Mill area. Our customers are our neighbors and we give the personal attention that friends and neighbors expect.

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